Welcome to Master Vipin Kalra's Taekwondo Academy. The academy is dedicated to imparting the highest quality of traditional Taekwondo training. Besides traditional Taekwondo training, the curriculum also focuses on Taekwondo as a competitive sport under Olympic rules.

Students train their mind, body and spirit as they immerse themselves into the traditional tenets of Taekwondo and the art. Self discipline, a calm disposition, a never say die attitude, humility, respect, focus and concentration are some aspects of character development students experience as they train in the art. Good health and personal fitness through strength and endurance training improving cardio -vascular fitness and stamina, improved skills and reflexes are some of the benefits students derive as they train in self defense, competitive sport and the traditional forms.

In its 20th year, Master Vipin Kalra's Taekwondo Academy has trained thousands of students ranging from 4 year olds to adults. Classes are exciting, fun and full of energy and lead to a boost in self confidence, discipline, health, happiness, longevity and peace of mind.

Vipin Kalra's Taekwondo Academy has been set up by Master Vipin Kalra (5th Dan Black Belt) and his team of devoted Black Belts who share the same goals, vision and beliefs in their aims and aspirations for the growth of the Martial Arts.

The Academy and it's instructors are dedicated towards pursuing the ideals and tenets of taekwondo and indeed the arts as a whole. Academy unlimited syllabus is committed toward the goal of: self strength self knowledge, self confidence and self control - the Martial Arts way of life.

Your Martial Art journey is individually tailored for you and strives for the unity of body, mind and spirit. Your Instructors will ensure your training will be in a friendly, respectful and enjoyable environment.